Consultancy Services

Nityo 3P Solutions Consulting Services deliver integrated, end-to-end IT solutions and services to help your business achieve its potential. With an experienced team of Functional and Technical expertise, we provide a full range of consultancy services from planning, requirements gathering to IT infrastructure strategy.

Whether it’s deciding on a CRM strategy, preparing for a CRM project implementation, tuning-up your existing CRM or considering a significant change to your business process, we will work closely with your stakeholders to share our expertise and guide your actions towards achieving your goals.

Our successes are a result of close partnership we establish with our client’s management team to make them understand the purpose and benefits of CRM before investing more heavily in the project. We strive to provide a complex but flexible plan for CRM in your organisation which covers your CRM Strategy and Execution.

Our implementation approach is to use Microsoft Dynamics™ Sure Step Methodology, a methodology developed by Microsoft Consultancy Services specifically for the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It has been tested, proven and used in many implementations around the world.


On Premise Solutions

Nityo 3P Solutions solution experts and developments team have many years of experience designing, implementing and integrating all versions of Dynamics CRM, including extending Dynamics CRM capabilities with custom add-ons and third-party applications such as web portal. One of the greatest advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the unmatched flexibility of the platform. On Premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation follows a traditional implementation of a software package. Microsoft CRM licensing and the hardware needed to run it are purchased up front and managed on site by the customer.

. The customer owns every piece of material that is needed to run a Microsoft CRM solution. By deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM on premise, the customer can take advantage of greater control and enhanced flexibility within the CRM application.

Teo-Luan-Boo, Managing Director

Cloud Solutions

Nityo 3P Solutions cloud solutions are based on software as a service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is built on Microsoft’s enterprise-class cloud infrastructure that keeps your solution secure and reliable with minimal IT support. Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to reduce your IT overheads and manage CRM as a regular monthly subscription. In contrast to the on premise version, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online automatically includes entitlement to all CRM upgrades and avoids the upfront expense of software licenses. Your CRM database is fully managed in the cloud on Microsoft's secure servers accessible through a web connection or offline.

For customers who want to derive the benefits of both on premise and online CRM, we deliver CRM solutions hosted in Azure that gives you the peace of mind over maintaining business critical servers on site and yet having the flexibility to use them an on premise version.

Advantages of choosing Dynamics CRM Online

  • Cost Eliminates the cost of CRM software, licence maintenance & server
  • Availability 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement financially backed by Microsoft
  • Upgradeability Microsoft releases each year and priority updates ahead of the on premise CRM version
  • SecurityRuns on a global network of data centres protected by 5 layers of security & disaster recovery service
  • IntegrationWorks with Microsoft Office 365 to combine Dynamics CRM with the benefits of SharePoint, Skype messaging and hosted Exchange

Teo-Luan-Boo, Managing Director

Mobile Solutions

Mobile solutions have become key to the way enterprises conduct their business, enabling customers and employees to be always connected. Enterprise mobility results in accelerated business processes, improved employee productivity and a faster turnaround time to server customers. CRM is a strategic implementation in an organization and when offered through mobile platform, it’s adoption and efficiency multiplies to the benefit of employees.

CRM for phones helps employees stay connected and productive wherever they are. It helps them to stay up to date with customer info and arrive prepared for every appointment and enables them to update their notes, tasks, contacts, accounts, leads, and opportunities while the details are still fresh in their mind.

With CRM mobile apps providing richer offline experience, employees can view, update, and add records when they are disconnected from the Internet, and they don’t have to save changes or additions as drafts first.


Data Migration and Integration Solutions

Data migration is not an easy task. Whether there is a need for replacing, upgrading or consolidating systems within your organization, there is always a need to transfer the data safely, cost effectively, and with reduced business disruption. With Nityo 3P Solutions expertise in managing system implementation across commercial and public sector, we strive to achieve the following in our data migration strategy.

  • Ensure only the right data is loaded and to avoid any data loss.
  • Eliminate costly overruns from duplicate or inaccurate data.
  • Transforming data according to new business requirements from a legacy system to a new application.
  • Ensure data integrity is retained after migration.
  • Identify and handle data exceptions according to the data specifications.
  • Reduce system downtimes when data cut over is taking place.
  • Provide data verification mechanisms to instil customer confidence in data migration.

In addition to data migration expertise, Nityo 3P Solutions has years of experience in integrating diverse systems, applications, and platforms. We partner with organizations and their IT teams to create an integrated, enterprise-wide platform that enabled us to execute effective, large-scale projects from conceptualization to implementation Our development team interfaces CRM systems with other enterprise data management solutions and provides other data integration services.


Upgrade Services

The changing IT landscape today warrants enterprise applications to be in line with changing times and keep enhancing their systems to meet the business requirements. With years of experience, Nityo 3P Solutions can provide you with quick, low risk and cost effective Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade Services. With experienced consultants and our proven methodology, along with tools and templates, we ensure a successful upgrade.

Our upgrade approach includes key tasks to optimize both functional and technical performance of the new system:

  • Business process/functional review and optimization
  • Technical/customization review and optimization
  • Architectural review and optimization
  • Customization reduction
  • Introduce extended capabilities with minimum cost


Managed Services

Nityo 3P Solution’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Services include issue resolution, system maintenance, gap analysis and development of customized enhancements, upgrades, and escalation procedures as well as post-resolution follow-up to ensure that our proposed solution met your expectations.

Nityo 3P Solutions managed services address the following goals:

  • Establish a service and structure to support the production and testing environments with the appropriate people, tools and procedures
  • Support and Collaborate with all groups to ensure the systems are operating effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide support for the day to day needs of Microsoft Dynamics CRM business applications and business requirements.
  • Establish and maintain end user system knowledge by providing ongoing training and help desk support.
  • Ensure a periodic comparison of business needs with new capabilities available.
  • We ensure that the implemented system is operating properly, and is capable of proper scaling as your company grows or your needs change.

Support activities covered for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Managed Services are:

  • Functional questions and issues as they arise with respect to the scope and systems capabilities.
  • Technical questions and issues as they arise including troubleshooting & debugging.
  • Development and disaster recovery
  • Application review and maintenance.
  • Periodic maintenance and system health check including system performance management and improvements, database monitoring and maintenance.
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting of approved and fully tested ISV programs in environment.
  • Application of all hotfixes, updates, etc.