OUR MISSION is to address real world's business challenges, assist in customers' journey towards customer centricity and deliver business value to our customers through successful business applications deployments with our products and services.

It's all about enabling our people who are passionate about our customer's business success which result in a strong partnership with them.




we believe people are our prime assets and a critical success factor to any business application deployment. Hence, we make every effort to ensure that our people:

To ensure that our people continue to provide value to our customers, we have instilled a continuous learning culture where ongoing self improvements becomes a part of the consultant's measure of success and has equal priority as revenue generating activities. Learning modes are not restricted to the once-in-a-while instructor lead type of classroom trainings – we subscribe and encourage learning through e-learnings, on the job coaching from senior staff and strong internal cross-learning programs.


Your success is our success. This is the philosophy we have about partnership. We are committed to deliver the best business value to our customers and in our philosophy, long-term partnering with our customers is the key to achieving mutual success. And we mean it – we measure our success based on our customers' success.

With our team's experience and dedication, we will do what it takes to complete a project and deliver on time, on budget. Measure project success on the delivery of business value and satisfaction of our customers and we will not be satisfied with just the project going 'Live'.

Our comprehensive services make Nityo 3P Solutions the business application partner of choice. Our customers can count on Nityo 3P Solutions to be the key trusted partner for success — and, working together, we can play a key role in deploying and maintaining their business systems and applications, while they focus on their businesses.


The founders and employees of Nityo 3P Solutions are in this business because we firmly believe in the solution that we are standing behind – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
We know the importance of Information Technology as a business tool and we strongly believe that Microsoft CRM and Microsoft technologies are the right business enablers for companies. We are also passionate about our customers' success in reaping the returns from their investment with our committed service delivery and quality. We are totally committed to Bridging the gap for our customers.
With our experience and commitment, we know that we can contribute and make a difference to our customer.