Nityo 3P Solutions Pte Ltd, a Microsoft Gold Partner, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a solutions provider who support customers in bridging the gap between what businesses need and what information technology can deliver. We provide solutions and services to help our customers build and enhance their relationships with their customers through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In our years of experience working with customers implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we understand that CRM never stands alone. We provide additional solutions and services in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Collaboration, Portals and Content Management through Microsoft SharePoint, Enterprise Infrastructure Services and Computer Telephony Integration to complement our offerings.

We have a thorough understanding of the different focuses and priorities of the Business world and the solutions that the IT world provides to support and accelerate business processes. As such, we recognize the gap - one that exist between the two distinct worlds of Business and Information Technology.

CRM Management

Being in the industry as a vibrant and competent company with a strong domain expertise and experience in the business management applications arena, Nityo 3P Solutions is well positioned to be able to help business bridge this critical gap - one that makes a difference between a successful implementation which delivers the benefits against the failure.

We have proven our track record of providing reliable, effective solutions based on Microsoft technology for Government, Retail, Entertainment and Gaming, Services, Education and other industries amongst the long list of our successful implementations over the years. Nityo 3P Solutions is strongly positioned to provide in depth product knowledge & capability to support our customers deliver desirable results & drive business success.

We are confident that we are in the best position to deliver what we promise - bridge the gap between business and IT world. It is our ambition to bring our customers across to a new world where IT supports and enable and empower them to achieve customer centricity.

Since June 2013,Nityo 3P Solutions is a fully owned subsidiary of Nityo Infotech Services Pte Ltd. Nityo Infotech is a global IT Services and Solutions company, headquartered in Pittsburgh, USA. The company employs over 2,500 employees globally and has its presence across 6 continents across US, EMEA, Japan, Australia and APAC region with 22 offices and 5 delivery centres in 15 countries. With the new ownership, Nityo 3P Solutions is positioned to grow our footprint in providing our expertise on Microsoft platform across the region and beyond. For more information on Nityo, please refer to their website. (

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